Down tube transfers take various forms with an arrow pierced Hill Special being an early version, followed by a black and red three dimensional script design with later on plain black and white blocks.

The original head and seat transfer was an elaborate crest based on the Padiham Town Coat of Arms and the motto "Virtutis Fortuna Comes" - "Fortune, the Companion of Valour".

This was later modified for Blackpool production with a central red rose on a white background replacing the more elaborate coat of arms used at Padiham.

We are photographing all transfer variations and will upload as they become available.

The following Hill Special transfers are available from:
Mr Nick Tithecott, H Lloyd Cycles, PO Box 133, Penrith, CA10 2GH
or the old H Lloyd website here

Hill Special head tube/seat tube transfer
Hill Bros script to match CE3 - multicolour
Suitable for Padiham built frames

Hill Special head tube/seat tube transfer
Hill Bros Padiham Coat of Arms green/grey/silver
Suitable for Padiham built frames

We plan to photograph each of the following transfers and and add them to the website shortly

Hill Special down tube transfer
White script, black edge, red 3D effect
Suitable for both Padiham and Blackpool frames

Hill Special head tube/seat tube transfer
Red/White/Gold/Black/Green Blackpool address ( central red rose)
Suitable for Blackpool frames

Hill Special down tube transfers
White/Black blocks
Suitable for Blackpool frames

Special Hill Special seat tube transfers
White/Black Vertical blocks to match CE1
Suitable for Blackpool frames ( these items are also available in Red/Black )

Also available are limited stocks of sets of Adam Hill transfers for 1980s Rishton built frames


*Updated April 2007 - Unfortunately due to people ripping images from this website to sell decals on ebay we have had to add watermarks to these images.


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